NC National Guard

The National Guard Boot Campaign is a great cause for us to support and help out the National Guard soldiers and families. This program setup by the NCPCM, is a great opportunity for us to support and help soldiers and families helping protect our freedom. This year alone we raised $30,000  Learn more about the NC National Guard.

Muscular Dystrophy

The Muscular Dystrophy Association is a charity that Sampson-Bladen Oil Company and Han-Dee Hugo's have been supporting for years through selling shamrocks in our stores and our annual golf tournament. Our goal is to send as many kids facing this horrible illness to summer camp as we can. This year we raised over $155,000 just from Shamrock sales and next year we hope to sell even more. Learn more about MDA and how you can support this cause at the  MDA Website.


Giving Back

Han-Dee Hugo's and Sampson-Bladen Oil Co. make a special effort to give back to the community which we are a part of. We support various charities that we hold very close to us. Read below to find out more information.

Grace for Vets

Grace for Vets allows us to show our support for our veterans. On Veterans day we give a free car wash to all veterans and all currently serving this wonderful nation. For more information on Grace for Vets go to Grace for Vets.

Corona Cares

Corona Cares is a very important charity that we support. All proceeds go to the UNC Cancer center to help support funding for Cancer Research and helping those dealing with this horrible disease.